Welcome to Pflänz.li

This is a platform to trade plants. You can offer plants and setup a wishlist what you want to trade it for.

To offer your plants, please register first.

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How does Pflänz.li work?

1. Your plant

You have a plant that you would like to trade for another plant? Great, that is exactly what Pflänz.li is for!

2. Offer your plant

Create an offer on Pflänz.li so others can see what you offer. You can also setup your wishlist to show others what you would like to trade for.

3. Find your dream plant

Use the search functions of Pflänz.li to find a suitable plant near you.

4. Trade

When you have found someone with a plant who is willing to trade, you can directly discuss the details of the trade, like when and where.

5. Your new plant

Congratulations, you just got a new plant! Take good care of it and maybe you can use it to trade in the future.

If you have other questsions, check out the FAQ!